Donkey Kong Country 3 [JBPE]

Classic Controller Button Activator [Thomas83Lin]

Animal Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
Sword Fish-00003802

Have All 15 Banana Birds [Thomas83Lin]
0049D035 0000000F

Unlock All Boat Crafts* [Thomas83Lin]
2049E6A0 00000001
0049E6B3 00000004
E0000000 80008000
*After 2nd time being in Funky Rental*

Have 99 Bananas [goemon_guy]
0449E334 00990000

Infinite Lives [goemon_guy]
0449E338 00630000

Infinite Silver Coins [goemon_guy]
0449D031 00640000

Infinite Bonus Coins [goemon_guy]
0049D033 00000063

Infinite DK Coins [goemon_guy]
0049D037 00000032

Character Mod [goemon_guy]
0049D01D 000000XX
00 - Dixie
01 - Kiddie

Always able to Switch Between the Two [goemon_guy]
0049D018 00000064

Invincible [goemon_guy]
0049DEFE 00000022

Jump as many times (Dixie) [goemon_guy]
0049D318 00000001

Jump as many times (Kiddie) [goemon_guy]
0049D386 00000001

Moon Jump (Dixie) [goemon_guy]
0049DEF0 0000000A

Moon Jump (Kiddie) [goemon_guy]
0049DF42 0000000A

Infinite Time in Bonus Stages [goemon_guy]
0049D41E 00000014
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