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Death Jr.: Root of Evil [RDJE4F]

Unlock all Levels [eric]
022A3E32 0000FFFF
002A3E34 000000FF

Unlock Movie Select [eric]
002A3EB0 00000001

Have all Melee Moves [eric]
0228EE7E 0000FFFF
0228F032 0000FFFF

Have all Weapons [eric]
0428F0A8 17FFFFFF

Infinite Health [eric]
0404DE0C 60000000

Infinite Ammo [eric]
040135A0 60000000

Walk on Air (1) [eric]
282D1532 00000001
4A000000 802A5DD4
48000000 802A5DD4
80000000 00000000
94210000 000003D0
Note 1. Hold A when jumping to pause descend. Tap A quickly to sprint.
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