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Sugoro Chronicle Migite ni Ken wo Hidarite ni Saikoro wo [RDUJDQ]

Money (1P) [ZiT]
04404D0C 05F5E0FF
Next +200

LEVEL (1P) [ZiT]
04405554 00000063
Next +814

HP(NOW) (1P) [ZiT]
04405558 0000270F
Next +814

ATT (1P) [ZiT]
04405560 0000270F
Next +814

DEF (1P) [ZiT]
04405564 0000270F
Next +814

MAG (1P) [ZiT]
04405568 0000270F
Next +814

SPEED (1P) [ZiT]
0440556C 0000270F
Next +814

HP(MAX) (1P) [ZiT]
04405570 0000270F
Next +814
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