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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition [RGFE69]

Infinite Heath [Seth@WiiPlaza]
C0000000 00000004
3D60C023 3D808017
398C7A00 616B14CC
916C6554 4E800020
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Once Molotov's Bought, Infinite [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0409E900 60000000 [Seth@WiiPlaza]
040B7960 60000000

Weapon Slot 1 Give Upgraded Dillinger [Seth@WiiPlaza]
06AEBC20 00000009
64696C6C 696E6765
72000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Weapon Slot 2 Give Python Magnum [Seth@WiiPlaza]
06AEBD30 0000000D
6D61676E 756D5F70 [Seth@WiiPlaza]
7974686F 6E000000
E0000000 80008000
*plus golden camo

Weapon Slot 3 Give Assassins Pistol [Seth@WiiPlaza]
06AEBB10 0000000F
61737361 7373696E [Seth@WiiPlaza]
5F706973 746F6C00
E0000000 80008000
*rapidfire 1hk pistol

Weapon Slot 4 Give Saturday Night Pistol [Seth@WiiPlaza]
06AEBE40 00000015
73617475 72646179 [Seth@WiiPlaza]
5F6E6967 68745F70 [Seth@WiiPlaza]
6973746F 6C000000
E0000000 80008000
*golden camo added

Weapon Slot 5 Give Extended Magnum [Seth@WiiPlaza]
06AEBF50 00000015
6D61676E 756D5F65 [Seth@WiiPlaza]
7874656E 64656400
E0000000 80008000

(Extended) Can Carry 999 Molotovs [Seth@WiiPlaza]
07758038 0000000C
386003E7 90660098
4A9BFB04 00000000
04117B40 496404F8
*original code by TNTkryzt i take no credit
*good to use with my infinite Molotov's code

Have Maximum Cash [TNTkryzt]
0419C944 3C803B9B
0419C948 3884C9FF

Spend to Increase Income [TNTkryzt]
0419C9E4 7C801A14

Income Gain x2 [TNTkryzt]
0419CD88 1C60000A

Income Gain x10 [TNTkryzt]
0419CD88 1C600032

Earn 500 Respect [TNTkryzt]
07758080 00000018
2C080057 4082000C
3D6043FA 917A0000
C01A0000 4AA487C4
041A0854 495B782C

Infinite Skill Points [TNTkryzt]
07758000 00000018
2C080087 4082000C
3D6042C6 91640008
8004000C 4AA492B4
041A12C4 495B6D3C

Infinite Health [TNTkryzt]
0417DF54 C02314CC

Infinite Sprint [TNTkryzt]
0416D4C4 60000000

Infinite Bullets [TNTkryzt]
040966C0 909F01EC

No Heat Gain [TNTkryzt]
040C3700 D383001C

Can Carry 20 Dynamite [TNTkryzt]
0775802C 0000000C
38600014 906600AC
4A9BFB18 00000000
04117B48 496404E4

Can Carry 20 Molotovs [TNTkryzt]
07758038 0000000C
38600014 90660098
4A9BFB04 00000000
04117B40 496404F8

Can Carry 20 Bombs [TNTkryzt]
0775811C 0000000C
38600014 906600C0
4A9BFA30 00000000
04117B50 496405CC

No Damage (Vehicle in use) [TNTkryzt]
07758018 00000014
C0230390 2C1E0004
40820008 D023038C
4AA960D8 00000000
041EE0FC 49569F1C

Strong Vehicle (Vehicle in Use) [TNTkryzt]
07758044 00000018
2C070000 4082000C
3D604C00 917E000C
C01E000C 4ACD0AB4
04428B08 4932F53C
(Slam thru other vehicles)

Suicide Press A+B+Z+C [TNTkryzt]
0775805C 00000024
3D608061 396B9EF0
816B0000 2C0B6C00
4082000C 39600000
916314C8 C02314C8
4A950270 00000000
040A82E8 496AFD74

Character Size Mod [TNTkryzt]
07758098 00000050
28167FFF 40810044
81960008 2C0C002C
40820038 3D608061
816B9EF0 81830070
2C0B2408 41820014
2C0B2404 4082001C
398C7FFF 48000008
398C8001 91830070
91830074 91830078
C0230070 4A910CD0
04068DB0 496EF2E8
(Hold Z+B+Up/Down to change size)

Shrink Car [TNTkryzt]
077580E8 00000034
3D803F80 3D608061
816B9EF0 2C0B1000
41820010 2C0B0010
40820018 48000008
3D8CFFC0 91840038
9184003C 91840040
4AA9254C 00000000
041EA660 4956DA88
(Press Minus to Shrink, Plus to reset Size.)
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