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The Incredible Hulk [RIHE8P]

Unlock all Upgrades & Extras [eric]
040D9E1C 98030000

Score Multiplier [eric]
041A0E58 38800064

Infinite Health [eric]
040D28E4 80830004

Infinite Rage [eric]
040D2C00 80830004
040D2E4C 60000000
040D2E58 801E05AC

Infinite Flying Dash [eric]
040FD458 38000001

Infinite Shield Dash [eric]
040ECEF8 38000001

Insane Jumps [eric]
0410849C EC21002A

Insane Leaps [eric]
04106B70 D2830388
040F8228 D2830388
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