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Iron Man [RIRE8P]

Unlock all Missions (1) [eric]
00F3649C 0000000C

Infinite Lives [eric]
04635234 60000000

Infinite Armor Energy [eric]
0467DB44 60000000

Infinite Propulsion Energy [eric]
0467DB9C 60000000

Infinite Weapon Energy [eric]
0467DBE4 60000000

Infinite Bullets [eric]
046AF17C 60000000

Infinite Rockets [eric]
04663850 60000000 [eric]
Infinite Missiles [eric]
04720190 60000000
047205F4 60000000

Max Weapon EXP [eric]
04652F38 60000000

Max Armor Upgrade (1) [eric]
0081DF80 00000008

Max Repulsor Upgrade (1) [eric]
0081DF84 00000008

Max Ballistic Upgrade (1) [eric]
0081DF88 00000005
0081DF8C 00000004

Max Explosive Upgrade (1) [eric]
0081DF90 00000005
0081DF94 00000004
Note 1. Save then load save to show code effect.
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