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MLB Power Pros [RMPE54]

Shop Codes

Max Doubles [Skiller]
04A8BDF0 48000008

Max PP [Skiller]
04A8BD80 48000008

Free Shop (Can spend the money you have then leave come back) [Skiller]
04A899DC 60000000
04A899FC 60000000
04A8C070 60000000

Success Codes

Max Exp (Enter Boost Abilities) [Skiller]
C270F81C 00000004
380003E7 B01D1A36
B01D1A38 B01D1A3A
B01D1A3C B01D1A3E
A81D1A36 00000000

Max CTRL/STAM [Skiller]
C2529EE8 00000003
3B6000FF 9B7F0091
9B7F0092 8B7F0090
60000000 00000000

Max All Arrows [Skiller]
C2529F44 00000006
39201F3F B13F00AA
3D2067A7 6129CF13
913F00AC 3D202F57
61296FAF 913F00B0
392000BF 993F00B4
893F00AA 00000000
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