MXvsATV Untamed [RMXE78]

Infinite Score/Score Multiplier [Seth@WiiPlaza]
00145347 00000001
*drive around in circles to gather most score
*Demo Pic - http://goo.gl/oZBPS
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw
*working online/non-host

Never Crash/Fall Off Bike (God Mode) [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0413D98C 380000E2
0413E128 380000E2
0413E14C 380000E2
*working online non-host
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw

Bail From Bike [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 00001000
041407C0 38A00000
CC000000 00000000
041407C0 2C000000
E0000000 80008000
*press - to bail from bike, after you fall off press - again so you dont keep on falling off
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw

Players Ride Above Bike [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0415F400 38A00001
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw
* demo pic -http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/8176/57d6515b7a9c4c2e8354a23.png

Invisible Bike [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04148044 38000000
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw

No Friction [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 00000010
04167250 38000001
E0000000 80008000
*press + to disable friction

Ragdoll Thrower [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 00000C00
0483A614 42C4ACA1
0483A634 42C4ACA2
0483A654 42C4ACA3
0483A674 42C4ACA4
0483A694 42C4ACA5
0483A6B4 42C4ACA6
E0000000 80008000
2054ED38 00000400
0483A614 3F800000
0483A634 3F800000
0483A654 3F800000
0483A674 3F800000
0483A694 3F800000
0483A6B4 3F800000
E0000000 80008000
*press A and B to throw ragdolls
* press B to reset

All Players Bikes Are Sideways [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04620DA8 40000000
*all players

All Players "Geddan" Mode [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04620EE8 42000000

All Players Body Wobbles [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04620EE8 40000000

Body Is Attached To Bike Upon Crash [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04164B7C 3800000A

Button Activator [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 0000XXXX

Spawn All Players Above Map [Seth@WiiPlaza]
043C6570 88100200
043C6574 88100200
043C6578 88100200
043C657C 88100200
043C658C 88100200

Ossleepthread Hook

Max Speed Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
C215DC90 00000006
C01F00B4 3D80817F
618CFFFC D00C0000
A18C0000 2C0C3F80
40820010 3D804500
618C0000 919F00B4
60000000 00000000
*Change 4500 to increase Power Speed 3F8=1.0*

Freeze CPU [Thomas83Lin]
C213C814 00000002
3D800000 618C0000
918400B4 00000000

Cpu Always on First Lap [Thomas83Lin]
C20D2024 00000003
3D800000 39800ABC
919D0000 809D002C
60000000 00000000
C21914EC 00000003
81990000 2C0C0ABC
40820008 D0190020
60000000 00000000

Low Lap Times [Thomas83Lin]
C219172C 00000002
3D800000 618C0001
919900AC 00000000
C219170C 00000002
3D800FA0 618C0001
919900A8 00000000

Out of Bounds Inf Time [Thomas83Lin]
041915E4 60000000
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