opoona [RPOJC8]

040291BC 60000000

Infinite HP [ZiT]
040BCF0C 4BF46334
04003240 2C060080
04003244 4182000C
04003248 901B0014
0400324C 480B9CC4
04003250 907B0014
04003254 480B9CBC

Infinite FP [ZiT]
040ADC88 60000000

Attack at Once [ZiT]
0402CBA8 4BFD6688
04003230 390003E8
04003234 911B01BC
04003238 48029974

If Ex Increase, MAX [ZiT]
0402DC90 93A500D4

If MT Increase, MAX & Infinite MT [ZiT]
0402D798 4BFD5AC8
04003260 3DE005F6
04003264 380FE0FF
04003268 900318E8
0400326C 4802A530
040DE5A8 90A318E8
04091118 901A18E8

If POINT Increase, MAX & Infinite POINT [ZiT]
04091148 901A18F8
040A76C0 901D18F8

Infinite ITEM & MAX [ZiT]
040B7508 4BF4BD78
04003280 38800063
04003284 98851900
04003288 480B4284
040B7C60 4BF4B62C
0400328C 38000063
04003290 98031900
04003294 480B49D0

If ITEM Increase, MAX [ZiT]
040DE830 4BF24A70
040032A0 38000063
040032A4 98061900
040032A8 480DB58C

If STATUS Increase, MAX (All Member) [ZiT]
040B97C4 90C30004
040B97EC B0E30008
040B9814 B0C3000A
040B983C B0E3000C
040B9864 B0C3000E
040B988C B0E30010
040B98B4 B0C30012
040B99F4 B0C30024
040B9A1C B0E30026
040B9904 B0C30018
040B9A44 B0C30028
040B9A6C B0E3002A
040B9954 B0C3001C
040B992C B0E3001A
040B997C B0E3001E
040B99A4 B0C30020
040B99CC B0E30022
040B9A94 B0C3002C
040B9ABC B0E3002E
040B9AE4 B0C30030
040B9B0C B0E30032
040B9B34 B0C30034
040B9B5C B0E30036
040B9B84 B0C30038
040B9BAC B0E3003A
040B9BD4 B0C3003C
040B9BFC B0E3003E
040B9C24 B0C30040
040B9C4C B0E30042
040B9C74 B0C30044
040B9C9C B0E30046
040B9CC4 B0C30048
040B9CEC B0E3004A
040B9D14 B0C3004C
040B9D3C B0E3004E
040B9D64 B0C30050
040B9D8C B0E30052
040B9DB4 B0C30054
040B9DDC B0E30056
040B9E04 B0C30058
040B9E2C B0E3005A
040B9E54 B0C3005C
040B9E7C B0E3005E
040B9EA4 B0C30060
The ITEM that STATUS Increases is Used.
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