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Infinite TIME [ZiT]
0401C528 906D87EC

If SCORE Increase, MAX [ZiT]
0401AC58 4BFE85A8
04003200 3C6005F6
04003204 3863E0FF
04003208 906D87DC
0400320C 48017A50

Infinite HEALTH [ZiT]
0401540C 7C64292E

FLOOR Doesn't Decrease Even if Making a Mistake [ZiT]
040195F8 90A70004
0401909C 4BFEA174
04003210 2C05FFFF
04003214 4182000C
04003218 90040004
0400321C 48015E84
04003220 2C060001
04003224 4182000C
04003228 90040004
0400322C 48015E74
04003230 48015E70
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