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Spider-Man 3 [RS3J52]

If HP Increase, MAX & Infinite HP [ZiT]
C2036C4C 00000003
2C1F0001 4182000C
D01C001C 48000008
D07C001C 00000000
C2036BCC 00000004
2C1F0001 4182000C
D3BC0018 4800000C
D3DC0018 D3DC0014
60000000 00000000

If POINT Decrease, MAX [ZiT]
0403E538 D3830010
If POINTS increase, please carry out a code of "Code OFF".
Or please reboot Wii.

Code OFF [ZiT]
0403E538 D3E30010

04081988 60000000
0403E574 60000000

TIME METER START ("1"button) [ZiT]
2857126A 00000200
04081988 D01F0070
0403E574 D3E30010
E0000000 80008000

04197770 60000000
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