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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga [RVKEXJ]

Equipment Gallery Complete [TNTkryzt]
04198474 38800001
04198480 7C8381AE

Character Gallery Complete [TNTkryzt]
04197E84 38000001
04197E88 9803CB68

Monster Gallery Complete [TNTkryzt]
04198048 38000001
0419804C B003CC72

Access all Portals (Temp) [TNTkryzt]
04125120 38600001

Access all Races [TNTkryzt]
041546F4 38A0000F
041546F8 90A6D528

All Jobs Available [TNTkryzt]
040F42E4 7C031800

Enable Equipment Menu [TNTkryzt]
040FA224 3BE00001

Infinite Attribute Points [TNTkryzt]
04154AEC 38600064
04154444 2C000063

Infinite Status Points [TNTkryzt]
04100198 38800063

Max Status Attribute [TNTkryzt]
0810024C 38000063
20060014 00000000

Infinite Skill Points [TNTkryzt]
077E2400 0000000C
38C00063 B0C31E6E
4A9265B0 00000000
041089B4 496D9A4C

Max Skill Attribute [TNTkryzt]
04109174 3800000A

Gain Sale Price [TNTkryzt]
0416BB68 7CC01A15

Max Gold from Sale [TNTkryzt]
0416BB88 901E7258
0416BB8C 48000004

Pass CP Check [TNTkryzt]
040FD61C 7C000040
04018E0C 7C000040

EXP Gain x100 [TNTkryzt]
040184A4 1F840064

EXP Gain x1000 [TNTkryzt]
040184A4 1F8403E8

No Status Change [TNTkryzt]
0407CCD4 60000000

Stats Upgrade x2 (Temp) [TNTkryzt]
04603034 40000000

Infinite Stamina [TNTkryzt]
04018B70 A8641E94

Infinite HP [TNTkryzt]
0407CD28 60000000

Quick HP Regen [TNTkryzt]
04018C6C A8041E8E

Infinite MP [TNTkryzt]
04083F94 7C601B78

Quick MP Regen [TNTkryzt]
04018CDC A8041E90

Pass MP Check [TNTkryzt]
04083F8C 7C000000

Infinite TP [TNTkryzt]
04018D60 A8651E92

Infinite BST [TNTkryzt]
0407546C D00472E4
04075470 FC000040

Infinite Bag Items [TNTkryzt]
077E2418 00000010
38000009 B01C0004
2C040001 4A9BF3C0
041A17E0 49640C38

Infinite Belt Items [TNTkryzt]
040BF49C 60000000

Infinite Weapon Durability [TNTkryzt]
04080990 60000000

Auto-Appraise Items [TNTkryzt]
077E240C 0000000C
38000001 981F0006
4A922330 00000000
04104740 496DDCCC

One Hit Kill [TNTkryzt]
040511F0 38001388
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