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Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles [SBDP08]

Infinite Ammo in Mag [Crashzer]
04733830 0000DEAD

Unrestricted Camera Zoom In Archives [Yamishira]
04737B64 3F800000

Infinite Ammo [Apache81]
C20CDDB4 00000002
2C1F0000 40820008
7C1E0050 00000000

Infinite Health [Apache81]
040ACA74 60000000

Infinite Herbs [Apache81]
04733890 0000270F

Infinite Gold [Apache81]
04FFA378 0098967F

Infinite Partner Health [Apache81]
C20FC690 00000001
D01F00F8 00000000

Have all Weapons [Apache81]
040CDE34 38002710
040CDE38 90030120
Code ported from NTSC version by TNTkryzt

Have Complete Archive [Apache81]
040CE794 3960FFFF
040CE798 7D6301AE
040CE79C 38600001
Code ported from NTSC version by TNTkryzt
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