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Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games [SIIP8P]

Speed Hack [CosmoCortney]
XXXXXXXX = 3F800000 = Normal Speed
XXXXXXXX > 3F800000 = Speeds Game Up (dont use a greater value than 0x40700000)
XXXXXXXX < 3F800000 = slows down the game (dont use a value less than 3E000000)
Only active in Stages

Characters do funny moves while running
045380C0 4068De234

Black & White Background [CosmoCortney]
04548900 3F900000

Timer freezed at 0'00'053 [CosmoCortney]
04732C90 3C800000

Sonic's, Amy's, Shadow's & Silver's Spikes move really fast [CosmoCortney]
0456A000 3F930200

21:9 Ratio [CosmoCortney]
04534380 3FB00000
This code gives you REAL 21:9 ratio on 21:9 screens/TVs

Many objects and Characters have a seizure [CosmoCortney]
0458D99C 40930000

Flags size modifier [CosmoCortney]
XXXXXXXX = 3F800000 = Normal Size
XXXXXXXX > 40200000 = Giant flags
XXXXXXXX < 3F000000 = Small flags

No Music [CosmoCortney]
057E7988 65650062

no characters' sound [CosmoCortney]
057E90C8 43484339

dis/enable HUD [CosmoCortney]
2867F9BA 00000008
04538AD8 3F800000
E0000000 80008000
2867F9BA 00000004
04538AD8 00000000
E0000000 80008000
press dpad up to enable
dpad down to disable


F3085310 FE8C4001
480000B4 00000000

F3046F8C 02922A01
3BA30000 60000000

Ping Pong Codes

F3179748 FF000C02
3880XXXX 909E0018
60000000 00000000

F3179D94 023BA702
3860XXXX 907E0018
60000000 00000000

F3189600 02D01002
3D803F80 9183009C
C023009C 00000000
*Both players receive power shot abilities at the beginning of a new serve (not infinite)*

F31BED04 02807901
60000000 60000000
*Once received*
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