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LEGO Lord of the Rings [SLREWR]

Infinite Coins [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0494D514 60000000
04D5708C 3800222A
*demo pic - http://goo.gl/kmYOe

No Money Gain/Loss [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0494D514 60000000

Black Map [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04519DA0 60000000

Invisible Players/Enemy's [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04C54058 54200000

All Players/Enemy's Are 2D [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04C54058 00000000

All Players Are Large [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04C54058 40400000

Players Are Huge [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04C54058 40800000

Auto- Activator [Seth@WiiPlaza]
208C6E84 38000001
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