MLB 2K11 [SMVE54]

Sportsmans Park Costs 1 Token [Seth@WiiPlaza]
044D9B50 00000001

Olympic Stadium Costs 1 Token [Seth@WiiPlaza]
044D9B6C 00000001

White Light Beams [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04A58584 47C3507F
a pretty funny code to use in general

Batting Stance Cycler [Seth@WiiPlaza]
C0000000 00000008 [Seth@WiiPlaza]
7C003630 540007FE
7C072030 38800001
38A50001 54A6077F
8118001C 80780014
80180018 7C030214
7C080000 38000001
90180000 3B80FFFF
55051838 4E800020
*starts from Albert P and then Toggles down
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