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Sonic and the Secret Rings [RSRJ8P]

If RING Increase MAX [ZiT]
04128754 90030000

If Number of Enemies Defeat Increase MAX [ZiT]
0411CD84 90A3002C
0411CF8C 90A30028

Clear TIME 00:00:00 [ZiT]
04128600 60000000
041285C8 60000000

Total Ex. MAX [ZiT]
0419E794 4BE64A6C
04003200 3C600099
04003204 3863967F
04003208 907E0A14
0400320C 4819B58C
Lv99 & All Skill

Number of Maximum RING Possession 9999999 [ZiT]
0419E7A4 4BE64A6C
04003210 3C600099
04003214 3863967F
04003218 907E0A18
0400321C 4819B58C

Seoul Gauge Maximum Value 9999999 [ZiT]
0419E7B4 4BE64A6C
04003220 3C600099
04003224 3863967F
04003228 907E0A1C
0400322C 4819B58C

Skill Point MAX [ZiT]
04134F90 90C30020
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