Sonic Colors Universal [SNCA8P]

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No Sound [CosmoCortney]
047D652C 00000000

No HUD [CosmoCortney]
04748F3C 42000000
Removes many things from the screen like the displayed number of rings, lives and so on. In the Game Menu, too. It is a bit difficulty to navigate on the planet selection screen

Insane Fast Jumps [CosmoCortney]
048F65E4 42500000
do a double jump (pressing A for 2 times) to get an insane fast boost. It's required to hold the main stick in the direction you want to move to

Giant Red Robot [CosmoCortney]
048F5EF4 41000000

Small Red Robots [CosmoCortney]
048F5EF4 3E000000

Confetti Size modifier (Tropical Resort only) [CosmoCortney]
047473A4 42000000
0474739C 42000000
04747398 42000000
04747390 42000000
047434C4 42000000

Sonic Size Modifier [CosmoCortney]
04747C28 40000000
0474782C 3F900000
These 2 lines Modifie all 3 axis, but the sizes always change a bit
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