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Need For Speed: The Run [SNVE69]

Inf.Bounty [777eThOd*]
04AEE840 2E5BF271
This will unlock everything.

Inf. Nos Ep.1 [777eThOd*]
04E98EB8 60000000

Inf. Car Health Ep.1 [777eThOd*]
04E98E94 443B8000

Inf.Car Regenerate Faster Ep.1 [777eThOd*]

Inf. Car Lives Ep.1 [777eThOd*]
04E98ECC 00000309

Inf. Nos Ep.2 [777eThOd*]
050207F8 60000000

Inf. Car Health Ep.2 [777eThOd*]
050207D4 443B8000

Inf. Car Lives Ep.2 [777eThOd*]
0502080C 00000309
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