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Bakugan: Defenders of the Core [SB6P52]

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Misc. Codes

Important: Use OSSleepThread Hook

Unlimited Health [Crapulecorp]
040D1A68 60000000
0412E2AC 60000000
*Some Enemies can still decrease your Health*

Unlimited Power [Crapulecorp]
040D1470 60000000
040D226C 60000000
040D4A7C 60000000
040D4F70 60000000
040D5B60 60000000

Instant Charge [Crapulecorp]
C20BFB3C 00000003
3D8041F0 618C0000
919E0004 C03E0004
60000000 00000000

If Increase Max Core Energy [Crapulecorp]
041AD2D0 90030004
041AD2E4 90E30008
*Ported From Skiller's Ntsc Usa Version*

Don't Lose Cards [Crapulecorp]
040A5D14 38040000
*Ported From Skiller's Ntsc Usa Version*

Unlimited Glasses Power [Crapulecorp]
040B7F24 60000000