Need For Speed Underground 2 [GUGE69]

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Drift 99 Laps [Sgt.Ghost]
043BC3B0 10D80063

Inf.Nos [Sgt.Ghost]
C21AAD48 00000002
3C003800 600003E7
9003042C 00000000

Unlock Everything Career Only [Sgt.Ghost]
20DF0004 00000000
*Except Carbon Fiber Trunk/Custom Body/Lvl 3 Performance/Lvl 2-3 Paint and Cars + others*

Screen Size [Sgt.Ghost]
043BC250 3F000000
*Default is 3F570A3D
*Permanent if Saved*

No Race/Shop on map [Sgt.Ghost]
083BC000 02020202
20030004 00000000
*Default is 01010101
*Permanent if Saved*

Stage 1 Reputation [Sgt.Ghost]
*X values = Hex - Float

Stage 1 Reputation Per Race [Sgt.Ghost]
*X values = Hex - Float
*Complete one race to take effect

No Money Spent [Sgt.Ghost]
043C2808 00000000

Inf. Bank Credits [777eThOd*]
043BA8C0 2E5BF271
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