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Colin McRae: DiRT 2 [R69E36]

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Have all Gold Trophies [TNTkryzt]
060305F8 0000001C
38800000 38000003
9005021C 38840001
38A50004 2C040013
4081FFF0 00000000

Start on Last Lap [TNTkryzt]
077E8000 00000020
835F0008 2C190000
40820010 2C1A0001
40820008 3B400003
935F0008 4A8F90B0
040E10C8 49706F38

Extra Grippy Tires [TNTkryzt]
077E8020 00000020
81630328 2C0B0001
40820010 3D604000
91630300 91630304
80630328 4A97539C
0415D3D4 4968AC4C

Turbo Installed [TNTkryzt]
077E8040 0000002C
43400000 817F0328
2C0B0001 40820018
817F0008 280B0000
4182000C 3D60817F
C02B8040 EC1E007A
4A979878 00000000
041618DC 49686768
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