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NiGHTS Journey of Dreams [R7EJ8P]

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It is not Effective in Wi-Fi.

If COIN Increase, MAX [ZiT]
040E78F0 4BF1B910
04003200 3800270F
04003204 90030000
04003208 90030010
0400320C 480E46E8

If the SCORE Increases, MAX [ZiT]
040E8670 4BF1ABA0
04003210 3DE00099
04003214 380F967F
04003218 90030014
0400321C 480E5458

Gauges do not Decrease [ZiT]
040E7AC8 4BF1B758
04003220 7FB90774
04003224 2C190000
04003228 4182000C
0400322C D0240020
04003230 480E489C
04003234 D0040020
04003238 480E4894

0436762C 60000000

If the RING Increases, MAX [ZiT]
0416180C 4BEA1A54
04003260 8004000C
04003264 1C00000A
04003268 90040010
0400326C 4815E5A4
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