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Cooking Mama (JP) [RCCJC0]

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Infinite TIME [ZiT]
0403DB28 90C3002C

Evaluation 9999 [ZiT]
040B1998 4BF51888
04003220 3860270F
04003224 907E003C
04003228 480AE774

Time 9999 [ZiT]
040B1A40 4BF517F0
04003230 3860270F
04003234 907E003C
04003238 480AE80C

TOTAL 9999 [ZiT]
040B1B0C 4BF51734
04003240 3860270F
04003244 907E003C
04003248 480AE8C8

Best Record 9999 [ZiT]
040A14C8 4BF61D88
04003250 3800270F
04003254 901E0028
04003258 4809E274
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