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Dragon Quest Swords The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (JP) [RDQJGD]

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LEVEL 99 [ZiT]
040920C0 38000063

HP 999 [ZiT]
0434B1C4 4479C000
040AB168 4BF580B8
04003220 C0030528
04003224 3E008035
04003228 3870B1C4
0400322C 480A7F44
040AB170 C0030000
040AB178 C0030000
040AB180 C0030000

Infinite HP(At the Time of a Battle) [ZiT]
04097DBC 4BF6B474
04003230 2C090001
04003234 4182000C
04003238 48094B88
04003240 D01D0528
04003244 48094B7C

Infinite MP(At the Time of a Battle) [ZiT]
04097D90 D05D0538

Infinite Special Skill 100 [ZiT]
040978A4 C01D054C
040978D0 D03D0548

ATT 9999 [ZiT]
040920E4 3800270F

DEF 9999 [ZiT]
040920EC 3800270F

GOLD 999999 [ZiT]
040AA21C 4BF58FF4
04003210 3FA0000F
04003214 381D423F
04003218 480A7008

Ex 99999999 [ZiT]
040920C8 4BF71138
04003200 3CE00099
04003204 3807967F
04003208 4808EEC4

040920D0 388000xx
xx=Only as for the Number that I Want to Increase (16FX)

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