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Anubis II [RNVXUG]

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Moon Jump (Z Button) [ZiT]
283D3836 00002000
207990D0 00000000
047990E4 41A00000
208EF551 00000000
048EF564 41A00000
208FE691 00000000
048FE6A4 41A00000
208B76D1 00000000
048B76E4 41A00000
2099FE11 00000000
0499FE24 41A00000
20821551 00000000
04821564 41A00000
207A4BD1 00000000
047A4BE4 41A00000
207A0191 00000000
047A01A4 41A00000
2079EFD1 00000000
0479EFE4 41A00000
2079FF91 00000000
0479FFA4 41A00000
E0000000 80008000

Infinite Lives [ZiT]
04077D60 90830004

Infinite Health [ZiT]
C20154B8 00000004
829F0000 2C140000
4182000C D01F0078
4800000C 3E2042C8
923F0078 00000000

Infinite Beam [ZiT]
C20BF9E4 00000002
3BA00008 93BE000C
60000000 00000000
C20BF8A4 00000002
3BA00008 93BE000C
60000000 00000000

Infinite Bomb [ZiT]
040C0C20 90640004
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