One Piece Unlimited Cruise Ep 1 [ROUPAF]

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Unlock all Characters (Story Mode) [TNTkryzt]
040409CC 38000001
040409D0 900301CC
04124CEC 2C000000

Unlock all Characters (Versus Mode) [TNTkryzt]
42000000 90000000
20070004 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Unlock all Battle Zones [TNTkryzt]
42000000 90000000
E0000000 80008000

Unlock Character & Music Databases [TNTkryzt]
040F52A4 3800003F
040F52A8 98030018
040F52AC 38600001

Creature Database Complete [TNTkryzt]
060F3658 00000014
3C00C000 90030008
396001F4 91630000
38600001 00000000

Access all Lv.3 Upgrades [TNTkryzt]
04074184 38000003
040F58F4 3800000F
040F5900 98050004
(May cause progress issues, Use at own Risk)

Have all Skils [TNTkryzt]
06076F98 00000018
3800FFFF 90030010
90030014 90030018
9003001C 38600001

Master Available Skills [TNTkryzt]
0777D0C4 00000010
3960000A 99630000
88630000 4AABAFB4
04238080 49545044

Attain Break Rush Quickly [TNTkryzt]
0402EAB8 38000001

Infinite Break Rush Effect [TNTkryzt]
0402F3C4 901F0068
0402F41C 38000001
0402E9CC 60000000

Infinite HP+SP (Versus Mode) [TNTkryzt]
0777D114 0000002C
7C63002E 2C040001
40820020 81630034
816B0000 816B003C
818B0004 918B0000
818B0018 918B0010
4AA6449C 00000000
041E15D4 4959BB40

Infinite HP+SP (Story Mode) [TNTkryzt]
0777D078 00000028
807F003C 2C0C0000
4082001C 396001F4
91630004 91630000
91630018 91630014
91630010 4A9B1F1C
0412EFB4 4964E0C4

Infinite GP [TNTkryzt]
06024488 00000010
380003E8 B0060000
B006000C A886000C

Infinite Items [TNTkryzt]
0777D0A0 00000010
38000063 981F0004
7FC3F378 4A976D54
040F3DFC 496892A4

Have Mission Items [TNTkryzt]
040F3DA0 7C042000
040F3DB8 38600063

Have Development Items [TNTkryzt]
040F50D4 7C042000
040F5100 38600063

Item Modifier [TNTkryzt]
0777D030 00000038
809F0000 3D608065
816BF9D8 2C0B2800
40820024 3D602000
7C0B5000 40820018
38840001 2C0400B2
40810008 38800001
909F0000 4A976D98
040F3DF8 49689238
(Hold Z and Press A to change selected Item)

Moon Jump [TNTkryzt]
2264F9D8 00000400
040290E0 D0230050
E0000000 80008000
2064F9D8 00000400
040290E0 60000000
E0000000 80008000

Speed Modifier [TNTkryzt]
0777D0D4 00000040
3D608065 816BF9D8
2C0B4008 4082000C
3D804000 91830004
2C0B4001 4082000C
3D803F80 91830004
2C0B4004 4082000C
3D803F00 91830004
C0230004 4AD5B894
044D89A0 492A4734
(Press C+Up = Fast, C+Lft = Normal, C+Dwn = Slow)

Press 1 for Infinite SP [OneUp]
28616540 FDFF0200
044D8C68 60000000
E2000001 80008000
Don't use before loading a save.

Infinite Item Code [OneUp]
28616540 9F776008
040F47D0 60000000
28616541 9FFE6001
040F47D0 7C002A14
28616541 9FFD6002
040F47D0 7C050050
E2000001 80008000
Press C+Z+Up to nullify using/dumping items, C+Z+Right to re-enable, and C+Z+Left to change it to add whatever would be subtracted from items. Don't add over 256 or it will overflow and you will not have the item.
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