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Opoona [RPOEC8]

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Infinite HP Opoona [Aesteval]
042CA234 000000FF
042CA238 000000FF

Infinite FP Opoona [Aesteval]
042CA23C 000000FF
042CA240 000000FF

Infinite Savings [Aesteval]
042D0670 0000FFFF

Infinite Wallet [Aesteval]
042D0668 0000FFFF

Infinite Shop Points [Aesteval]
042D0678 0000FFFF

Delete All Items Except for OMP [Aesteval]
002D0682 00FD0000

One of All Items Including Dummy Items [Aesteval]
002D0681 00FE0001

Infinite Healing Party Items [Aesteval]
002D0682 00130032
002D0698 00010032
002D06BB 00000032

Infinite Offense Party Items [Aesteval]
002D0696 00010032
002D069B 00010032
002D069F 00040032
002D06AC 00010032
002D06AF 00000032
002D06B2 00010032
002D06B6 00000032
002D06B8 00000032

Infinite Special Party Items [Aesteval]
002D069A 00000032
002D069D 00010032
002D06A4 00020032
002D06AA 00010032
002D06AE 00000032
002D06B0 00010032
002D06B4 00010032
002D06B7 00000032
002D06B9 00000032
002D06BA 00000032
002D070D 00000032

Infinite Bonbon Parts Party Items [Aesteval]
002D06BC 00240032
002D06E2 00080032
002D06EC 00040032

Infinite Character Pocket Items

Infinite Item Opoona Pockets [Aesteval]
022D15B0 0000XXXX
022D15B2 0000XXXX
022D15B4 0000XXXX
022D15B6 0000XXXX
022D15B8 0000XXXX
022D15BA 0000XXXX
022D15BC 0000XXXX
022D15BE 0000XXXX
022D15C0 0000XXXX
022D15C2 0000XXXX
022D15C4 0000XXXX
022D15C6 0000XXXX
022D15C8 0000XXXX
022D15CA 0000XXXX
022D15CC 0000XXXX
022D15CE 0000XXXX
022D15D0 0000XXXX
022D15D2 0000XXXX

Pocket Digits (consumable items only - use in place of XXXX)
0203 Mineral Water
0403 Canteen
0503 Canteen 4oz
0603 Canteen 2oz
0703 Vegetable Juice
0803 Tea
0903 Teapot
0A03 Teapot 4oz
0B03 Teapot 2oz
0E03 Calory Cube
0F03 Battle Drink
1003 Battle Drink 4oz
1103 Battle Drink 2oz
1303 Popcorn
1403 Popcorn Pieces
1503 Popcorn Kernal
1604 Popcorn Shower
1704 Golem Block
1B04 Rainbow Bomb
1C04 Noisy Horn
1F04 Needle Gum
2004 Bomb Gum
2104 Fireworks
2204 Snowworks
2304 Windworks
2C04 Paintball
2D04 Haunted Mist
2F04 Dust Hole
3204 Crazy Doll
3304 Micro Patrol
3604 Maze Box
3804 Thirsty Razor
1A05 Angel Dice
1D05 Healing Tea
1E05 Spice Gum
2A05 Adrenaline Burst
2B05 Multi Vaccine
3005 Air Wash
3105 Eye Drops
3505 Force Carpet
3705 Balloon Gum
A506 Doll Rock
D406 Dancing Cactus
D606 Flame Flower

Infinite/Max Healing (Potion Icon) Party Items

Mineral Water [Aesteval]
002D0682 00000063

Cereal [Aesteval]
002D0683 00000063

Canteen [Aesteval]
002D0684 00000063

Canteen 4oz [Aesteval]
002D0685 00000063

Canteen 2oz [Aesteval]
002D0686 00000063

Vegetable Juice [Aesteval]
002D0687 00000063

Tea [Aesteval]
002D0688 00000063

Teapot [Aesteval]
002D0689 00000063

Teapot 4oz [Aesteval]
002D068A 00000063

Teapot 2oz [Aesteval]
002D068B 00000063

Minestrone [Aesteval]
002D068C 00000063

BLT [Aesteval]
002D068D 00000063

Calory Cube [Aesteval]
002D068E 00000063

Battle Drink [Aesteval]
002D068F 00000063

Battle Drink 4oz [Aesteval]
002D0690 00000063

Battle Drink 2oz [Aesteval]
002D0691 00000063

Eel Rice [Aesteval]
002D0692 00000063

Popcorn [Aesteval]
002D0693 00000063

Popcorn Pieces [Aesteval]
002D0694 00000063

Popcorn Kernal [Aesteval]
002D0695 00000063

Fortune Pie [Aesteval]
002D0698 00000063

Roulette Pizza [Aesteval]
002D0699 00000063

Sushi [Aesteval]
002D06BB 00000063

Infinite/Max Offensive (Burst Icon) Party Items

Popcorn Shower [Aesteval]
002D0696 00000063

Golem Block [Aesteval]
002D0697 00000063

Rainbow Bomb [Aesteval]
002D069B 00000063

Noisy Horn [Aesteval]
002D069C 00000063

Needle Gum [Aesteval]
002D069F 00000063

Bomb Gum [Aesteval]
002D06A0 00000063

Fireworks [Aesteval]
002D06A1 00000063

Snowworks [Aesteval]
002D06A2 00000063

Windworks [Aesteval]
002D06A3 00000063

Paintball [Aesteval]
002D06AC 00000063

Haunted Mist [Aesteval]
002D06AD 00000063

Dust Hole [Aesteval]
002D06AF 00000063

Crazy Doll [Aesteval]
002D06B2 00000063

Micro Patrol [Aesteval]
002D06B3 00000063

Maze Box [Aesteval]
002D06B6 00000063

Thirsty Razor [Aesteval]
002D06B8 00000063

Infinite/Max Key (Star Icon) Party Items

OMP [Aesteval]
002D0681 00000063

Pet Gauge [Aesteval]
002D06A7 00000063

Bonbite X [Aesteval]
002D06F3 00000063

Bonbite [Aesteval]
002D06F4 00000063

Airtank [Aesteval]
002D06F5 00000063

Custom Rod [Aesteval]
002D06F6 00000063

Fishing Rod [Aesteval]
002D06F7 00000063

Hover Board [Aesteval]
002D06F8 00000063

Hover Jet [Aesteval]
002D06F9 00000063

Vacuum Hose [Aesteval]
002D06FA 00000063

Rock Drill [Aesteval]
002D06FB 00000063

Electric Bulb [Aesteval]
002D070C 00000063

Red Firefly Herb [Aesteval]
002D0710 00000063

Blue Firefly Herb [Aesteval]
002D0711 00000063

Shouprieme [Aesteval]
002D0712 00000063

Electron Cuffs [Aesteval]
002D0714 00000063

Storage Key [Aesteval]
002D0715 00000063

Rogue Egg [Aesteval]
002D0716 00000063

Breakfast Ticket [Aesteval]
002D0717 00000063

Com-Panel [Aesteval]
002D0718 00000063

Sand Weasel [Aesteval]
002D0719 00000063

Flight Log [Aesteval]
002D071A 00000063

Gold Strap [Aesteval]
002D071B 00000063

Mac's Tool Kit [Aesteval]
002D071C 00000063

Museum Pass [Aesteval]
002D071D 00000063

Transformation Capsule [Aesteval]
002D071E 00000063

Elevator Key A [Aesteval]
002D071F 00000063

Elevator Key B [Aesteval]
002D0720 00000063

Spirit Poem [Aesteval]
002D0721 00000063

Spirit Paper [Aesteval]
002D0722 00000063

Letter of Introduction [Aesteval]
002D0723 00000063

Ukulele [Aesteval]
002D0724 00000063

Worldrock Fragment [Aesteval]
002D0726 00000063

Dolphin Rock [Aesteval]
002D0727 00000063

Mock Rock [Aesteval]
002D0728 00000063

Suntan Nuts [Aesteval]
002D072B 00000063

Suntan Nuts Half [Aesteval]
002D072C 00000063

Mysterious Package [Aesteval]
002D072D 00000063

Letter of Gratitude [Aesteval]
002D072E 00000063

Rosas Gift [Aesteval]
002D072F 00000063

Brookes Evidence [Aesteval]
002D0731 00000063

Selenas Evidence [Aesteval]
002D0732 00000063

Barnes Evidence [Aesteval]
002D0733 00000063

Meditation Tower Key [Aesteval]
002D0744 00000063

Mineral [Aesteval]
002D0748 00000063

Prism Gem [Aesteval]
002D0749 00000063

Diamond [Aesteval]
002D074A 00000063

Roid Radar [Aesteval]
002D0758 00000063

Wallpaper 1 Blue [Aesteval]
002D0760 00000063

Fish [Aesteval]
002D0766 00000063

Piranhan [Aesteval]
002D0767 00000063

Swimming Head [Aesteval]
002D0768 00000063

Blue Bill [Aesteval]
002D0769 00000063

Sea Matia [Aesteval]
002D076A 00000063

Stone Fish [Aesteval]
002D076B 00000063

Lantern [Aesteval]
002D076C 00000063

Legend [Aesteval]
002D076D 00000063

Wallpaper 2 Grape [Aesteval]
002D076E 00000063

Wallpaper 3 Muscat [Aesteval]
002D076F 00000063

Wallpaper 4 Lavendar [Aesteval]
002D0770 00000063

Wallpaper 5 Orange [Aesteval]
002D0771 00000063

Wallpaper 6 Light Blue [Aesteval]
002D0772 00000063

Wallpaper 7 Wine [Aesteval]
002D0773 00000063

Wallpaper 8 Gray [Aesteval]
002D0774 00000063

Wallpaper 9 Mint [Aesteval]
002D0775 00000063

Wallpaper 10 Black [Aesteval]
002D0776 00000063

GPS Card [Aesteval]
002D0777 00000063

Term Dictionary [Aesteval]
002D0778 00000063

Rogue Book [Aesteval]
002D0779 00000063

Catalogue d'Arts [Aesteval]
002D077A 00000063

Infinite/Max Other (Question Mark Icon) Party Items

Word Box [Aesteval]
002D06A8 00000063

Masao's Sculpture [Aesteval]
002D070E 00000063

Masao's Album [Aesteval]
002D070F 00000063

Doll Rock [Aesteval]
002D0725 00000063

Written Request [Aesteval]
002D072A 00000063

Mysterious Writing [Aesteval]
002D0730 00000063

Stacker No. 1 [Aesteval]
002D0734 00000063

Stacker No. 2 [Aesteval]
002D0735 00000063

Stacker No. 3 [Aesteval]
002D0736 00000063

Stacker No. 4 [Aesteval]
002D0737 00000063

Stacker No. 5 [Aesteval]
002D0738 00000063

Sho-Gi King [Aesteval]
002D0739 00000063

Sho-Gi Dragon [Aesteval]
002D073A 00000063

Sho-Gi Unicorn [Aesteval]
002D073B 00000063

Sho-Gi Miser [Aesteval]
002D073C 00000063

Sho-Gi Samurai [Aesteval]
002D073D 00000063

Sho-Gi Wife [Aesteval]
002D073E 00000063

Sho-Gi Spy [Aesteval]
002D073F 00000063

World Snake [Aesteval]
002D0740 00000063

World Turtle [Aesteval]
002D0741 00000063

World Elephant [Aesteval]
002D0742 00000063

Baby World Elephant [Aesteval]
002D0743 00000063

Smile Seed [Aesteval]
002D0752 00000063

Flower Flower [Aesteval]
002D0753 00000063

Dancing Cactus [Aesteval]
002D0754 00000063

Rafflesia [Aesteval]
002D0755 00000063

Flame Flower [Aesteval]
002D0756 00000063

Wild Grass [Aesteval]
002D0757 00000063

Aluminum Medal [Aesteval]
002D0761 00000063

Copper Medal [Aesteval]
002D0762 00000063

Silver Medal [Aesteval]
002D0763 00000063

Gold Medal [Aesteval]
002D0764 00000063

Platinum Medal [Aesteval]
002D0765 00000063

Infinite/Max Special (Cube Icon) Party Items

Angel Dice [Aesteval]
002D069A 00000063

Healing Tea [Aesteval]
002D069D 00000063

Spice Gum [Aesteval]
002D069E 00000063

Pocket Tent [Aesteval]
002D06A4 00000063

Pocket Taxi [Aesteval]
002D06A5 00000063

Echo Radar [Aesteval]
002D06A6 00000063

Adrenaline Burst [Aesteval]
002D06AA 00000063

Multi Vaccine [Aesteval]
002D06AB 00000063

Cloak Mist [Aesteval]
002D06AE 00000063

Air Wash [Aesteval]
002D06B0 00000063

Eye Drops [Aesteval]
002D06B1 00000063

Honey [Aesteval]
002D06B4 00000063

Force Carpet [Aesteval]
002D06B5 00000063

Balloon Gum [Aesteval]
002D06B7 00000063

Heart Cookie [Aesteval]
002D06B9 00000063

White Chocolate [Aesteval]
002D06BA 00000063

Dragon Horn [Aesteval]
002D070D 00000063

Infinite/Max Bonbon Parts Party Items

Power Plus [Aesteval]
002D06BC 00000063

Weight Plus [Aesteval]
002D06BD 00000063

Super Weight Plus [Aesteval]
002D06BE 00000063

MAX Weight Plus [Aesteval]
002D06BF 00000063

Solid Plus [Aesteval]
002D06C0 00000063

Super Solid [Aesteval]
002D06C1 00000063

MAx Solid [Aesteval]
002D06C2 00000063

Shine Plus [Aesteval]
002D06C3 00000063

Super Shine [Aesteval]
002D06C4 00000063

MAX Shine [Aesteval]
002D06C5 00000063

Mass Plus [Aesteval]
002D06C6 00000063

Super Mass [Aesteval]
002D06C7 00000063

MAX Mass [Aesteval]
002D06C8 00000063

Star Sapphire [Aesteval]
002D06C9 00000063

Regen Stone [Aesteval]
002D06CA 00000063

Random Hearts [Aesteval]
002D06CB 00000063

Booster Pack [Aesteval]
002D06CC 00000063

Shield Pack [Aesteval]
002D06CD 00000063

Poison Shell [Aesteval]
002D06CE 00000063

Electric Shell [Aesteval]
002D06CF 00000063

Homing Chip [Aesteval]
002D06D0 00000063

Airbag Capsule [Aesteval]
002D06D1 00000063

Point Chip [Aesteval]
002D06D2 00000063

Sonic Attack [Aesteval]
002D06D3 00000063

Nitro Shell [Aesteval]
002D06D4 00000063

Vamp Shell [Aesteval]
002D06D5 00000063

Energy Pack [Aesteval]
002D06D6 00000063

Amino Ring [Aesteval]
002D06D7 00000063

UFO Ring [Aesteval]
002D06D8 00000063

Spike Seed [Aesteval]
002D06D9 00000063

Green Seed [Aesteval]
002D06DA 00000063

Talisman Ring [Aesteval]
002D06DB 00000063

Ghost Ring [Aesteval]
002D06DC 00000063

Jet Ring [Aesteval]
002D06DD 00000063

Golem Ring [Aesteval]
002D06DE 00000063

Multi Shell [Aesteval]
002D06DF 00000063

Multi Shell X [Aesteval]
002D06E0 00000063

Sleep Stone [Aesteval]
002D06E2 00000063

Angel Chip [Aesteval]
002D06E3 00000063

Fire Coat [Aesteval]
002D06E4 00000063

Solar Coat [Aesteval]
002D06E5 00000063

Battle Monger Coat [Aesteval]
002D06E6 00000063

Ice Coat [Aesteval]
002D06E7 00000063

Frozen Coat [Aesteval]
002D06E8 00000063

Plasma Coat [Aesteval]
002D06E9 00000063

Thunder Coat [Aesteval]
002D06EA 00000063

Tentacle Coat [Aesteval]
002D06EC 00000063

Parasite Coat [Aesteval]
002D06ED 00000063

Laser Coat [Aesteval]
002D06EE 00000063

Nature Coat [Aesteval]
002D06EF 00000063

Legend Scale [Aesteval]
002D06F0 00000063
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