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Game Party2 [RV2E5D]

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P1 Game Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021d4806 000000ff

Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb6aa 000000ff

Puck Bowling Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb692 000000ff

Skill Ball Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb696 000000ff

Hoop Shoot Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb69a 000000ff

Ping Cup Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb69e 000000ff

Trivia Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb6a2 000000ff

QB Challenge Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb6a6 000000ff

Darts Total Tickets 255 [farjo08]
021bb683 000000ff

The xxx is the current value I set them at.
These can be changed to any value with FFFF being the max (use a decimal to hex calculator to get proper hex values). Also the total ticket codes will only apply to the first profile. Enjoy!

9999score [memorris]
021D47E2 0000270F
Darts+Skill Ball+hoop shoot+Ping cup+trivia+beanBags P1 &
horseshoes P1 lawn darts qb challenge

Shuffleboard P1 9999 Score [memorris]
021D4FEA 0000270F

Shuffleboard P2 9999 Score [memorris]
021D4FEE 0000270F
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