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Kaseki Monster Spectrobes [RXXJ4Q]

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Infinite HP (Character) [ZiT]
82200000 813CADA8
84200000 813CADA4
043DA780 88060001

Infinite HP (Monster) [ZiT]
82200000 813DA028
84200000 813DA024
043DA780 88060001

Motion Up (Character) [ZiT]
053CC8C0 40800000
053D4200 40800000
043DA788 88060002

Motion Up (Monster) [ZiT]
053DBB40 40800000
053E3480 40800000
043DA788 88060002

Size Up (Character) [ZiT]
053C8C40 40800000
043DA788 88060002

Size Up (Monster) [ZiT]
053D7EC0 40800000
043DA788 88060002

Have All Items [ZiT]
092C2C83 00000063
00FF0004 00000000
092C3083 00000063
00FF0004 00000000
043DA790 88060003
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