Disney Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse and the Magic Brush [SEMJ01]

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1000 E-Tickets [Glitch]
C2B4C4C4 00000002
3C60447A 90640004
7C832378 00000000

Infinite HP [Glitch]
C2B2B280 00000004
2D840002 408C0010
38800005 90830004
909F0000 809F0000
60000000 00000000

Infinite Paint [Glitch]
C2B4BD3C 00000002
3C0041F0 90030004
80010064 00000000

Infinite Eraser [Glitch]
C2B4C0F4 00000002
3C0041F0 90030004
80010074 00000000

Infinite Jumps [Glitch]
04A28BA8 38000001
04A28C1C 38000001
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