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Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon: Susume! Honoo no Boukendan [WPFJ]

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Max Coins [Glitch]
04475D18 0001869F

Max Coins in Bank [Glitch]
04477340 0098967F

Max Adventure Rank [Glitch]
04471998 000186A0

Max Rank Points [Glitch]
040E5AC0 60000000

Max smartness from eating gummy [Glitch]
0407DBA4 60000000
04168ED4 60000000

See Items Location [Glitch]
0406C2CC 380000FF

See Pokemon Location [Glitch]
0406C2C4 380000FF

See Stairs Location [Glitch]
0406C344 380000FF

Wild Pokemon Encounter Modifier [Glitch]
040BDCA4 38000xxx
In order by ID: 000 - Bulbasaur (M) - 219 - Arceus
359 - Bulbasaur (F) etc

Never get hungry [Glitch]
0405CDA0 38A00064

Infinite HP [Glitch]
C208FA0C 00000004
2C130000 40820010
AB590012 38000000
48000008 80150000
60000000 00000000

Infinite HP & 1HKO [Glitch]
C208FA0C 00000004
2C130000 40820010
AB590012 38000000
48000008 A8190012
60000000 00000000

Exp Modifier x [Glitch]
C20938D0 00000002
1C84xxxx 7C632214
60000000 00000000
xxxx=0002 = x2 - 7FFF = x32767

Max EXP [Glitch]
C20938D0 00000002
3C600098 3863967F
60000000 00000000
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