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Retro City Rampage [WR5E]

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Swat + Cops Always Chase You [Glitch]
04398478 000000FF
FF can be changed to anything.
Lower it to have it easier

Cops Always Chase You [Glitch]
04398478 00000004

Cops Never Chase You [Glitch]
04398478 00000000

Infinite Health [Glitch]
043A4BC4 046464BB

No Car Damage [Glitch]
48000000 80278C68
DE000000 80008180
1400001C 0BFAFFFF
E0000000 80008000
Credits to CosmoCortney

Max Money [Glitch]
0438D114 3B9AC9FF
0438C49C 3B9AC9FF

Max Score [Glitch]
0438C4A8 00000918
0438C4AC 4E729FFF
0438C4B0 00000918
0438C4B4 4E729FFF

Infinite Ammo + Have All Weapons [Glitch]
0838C54D 00000063
00160001 00000000

Car always has X [caitsith2]
48000000 80278C68
DE000000 80008180
100002E7 0000000X
100002E8 00000063
E0000000 80008000
Credits to Glitch, CosmoCortney
0 = Horn
1 = Bike Bell
2 = Siren (For all intents and purposes, 0-2 are cosmetic, and only do what the vehicle is meant to do for its horn/siren/bell.)
3 = Nitro Boost
4 = Tank Cannon
5 = Single Turret
6 = Double Turret
7 = News papers.
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